Says there’s a cure. He knows it for sure, he took it himself. After suffering from osteoarthritis for 30 years, he took just one bottle of CMO capsules. His arthritis disappeared. His pain is gone and he regained full mobility in his rigid neck. His other joints and back, as well, are no longer troubled by arthritis.

Another doctor reports, “I find CMO absolutely miraculous. It cured my knee problems, which solved my sex problems as well. And it’s performing every bit as well for my patients, too.”

One of our cases early in 1996 involved a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, who had suffered from almost constant pains in his feet daily for over five years. With CMO those pains disappeared within a day. He has subsequently utilized CMO for many of his patients.

Another of our cases early in 1996 involved a female physician sixty years of age. She suffered relentless pain that resulted from a hip injury about a year earlier. Being a physician, she tried various treatments and medicines that, unfortunately, brought her virtually no relief at all. Finally, she treated herself with CMO and also used massages at the same time to reduce her edema and improve muscle activity. Her pain and inflammation gradually diminished over a period of two weeks. She now remains completely free of pain.

Another medical doctor had suffered from pain and stiffness in his hands for several years. It reached the point where he was no longer able to perform simple office surgery. With CMO he began to feel relief in just one day. His dexterity and fine surgical ability returned gradually over a period of a couple of weeks. He now recommends CMO to his patients.

Yet another medical doctor suffered from osteoarthritis caused by an auto wreck ten years earlier. It had damaged his hip, causing a limp and a severe case of very painful arthritis. CMO relieved his pain permanently in just one day. It was the only relief he found after many years of exploring other possibilities. The damaged hip still causes him to limp, but at least he is now free of pain.



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