Unfortunately in our country, with its innumerable castes, customs and rituals, we have developed an allergy to touching and being touched. A male greeting a female or even a male does so with folded hands. In a namaskar even hand-contact is absent.Caste distinction abounds, despite our Constitution forbidding it. We do not touch individuals of certain castes. This unwillingness to touch has led to sensory deprivation and affected our sexuality. The male, owing to ignorance and upbringing, does not touch or feel the need of touching the female partner, except during sex.This is unfortunate, as true touch is the most powerful means of sexually exciting and gratifying the female. Dr. Masters calls it ‘sexual touching pleasuring’. It is the common grouse of many women that their partners do not touch them for touch’s sake. Many males are surprised when I tell them about the importance of touching their partners.*107\262\8*

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