There are two especially important points to remember as you put Immune Power to work:You may have withdrawal symptoms during the first week or so of the diet. These are nothing to worry about—in fact, they are positive proof that the diet is working. If this is a problem for you, go back and re-read the advice in chapter 3.If you take some medication regularly or are under a doctor’s care for chronic illness, you may notice changes in the effectiveness of your medicine as your “immune tune” improves. As you lose weight and get healthier, you may find that less medicine works just as well. You should always inform your physician if you are on the Immune Power Diet program, so that you can be monitored for these kinds of changes.WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP?I won’t deny that the Immune Power Diet asks you to make some real changes in how you look at food, but I am not asking you to become a food Puritan. All you must do is identify and then eliminate the hidden toxins which are now damaging your health and energy. Once your body has recovered from the effect of those hidden food sensitivities, you can eat them again on a moderate schedule. You will find very few foods that have to be totally cut out of your life. Of course, there may be foods that you decide to avoid permanently because you decide they produce such strong unpleasant reactions.*71\242\2*

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