Hormone treatment is only useful for women with acne. This treatment is based on the fact that acne often starts at puberty and may worsen just prior to a woman’s period. It may improve during pregnancy and when taking a high oestrogen, low progestogen contraceptive pill such as Biphasil or Sequilar.Other hormone treatments include taking Androcur and Aldactone tablets which block the male-type hormones which women produce just before a period. These drugs have minimal side effects but do cause irregular periods, so should be combined with the pill or an oestrogen hormone.Many women are averse to taking hormone treatment for fear of gaining weight. Although the pill may cause slight fluid retention, significant weight gain will only occur if excessive calories are eaten. Many people blame the pill for poor eating habits, which are the real cause of weight gain. The other fear of hormone treatment is that it will lead to infertility later in life. Although the pill does suppress ovulation, this is only temporary and will not cause long-term problems.

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