Formula F-Plus contains only natural, easily obtained substances, and can be made by anyone in the home. The listed ingredients are sold in all better health food stores.
Here’s how you make Airola formula F-PLUS:
2 tbsp. sesame oil
1 tbsp. olive oil
2 tbsp. avocado oil 2 tbsp. almond oil
2,000 IU vitamin E, mixed tocopherols
100,000 USP Units vitamin A
A drop or two of your favorite perfume
Pour the oils into an empty bottle or small jar. Take 10 gelatin capsules of vitamin E, 200 IU each (or 5 capsules of 400 IU each) and 4 capsules of vitamin A, 25,000 units each (or 10 capsules 10,000 each). Puncture the capsules with a needle, or cut the ends off with scissors, and squeeze the contents into the bottle. Add a drop or two of your favorite perfume, close tightly and shake well. Keep in the refrigerator. Do not use Eau-de-Cologne, but pure essence of perfume. Formula F-Plus could be made, of course, without the perfume, if you don’t mind an oily and slightly fishy aroma. By the way, to avoid the fishy aroma which natural vitamin A capsules sometime have, a synthetic form of vitamin A can be substituted.
I composed this Formula specifically for those who have badly deteriorated complexions and prematurely aged, dry, lifeless skin, covered with wrinkles and blemishes. The healing, nourishing and beautifying oils of Airola Formula-F-Plus, fortified with vitamins A and E, will feed your skin with nutrients it needs and help to revitalize and restore its normal activity. Formula F-Plus is also an excellent topical application in hemorrhoids and many skin disorders, particularly in acne, eczema and psoriasis.
The most effective way to use Airola Formula F-Plus is in the evenings, before going to bed. Wash your face, neck, hands and arms with mild natural soap and warm water (do not use soap in such conditions as psoriasis). Take a few drops of Formula F-Plus and massage gently into your face, neck, hands and arms (or all over the body, if you wish), and leave it on overnight. The oil will be totally absorbed into the skin by morning and your complexion will not only look and feel velvety soft, smooth and lusciously healthy, but its physiological functions and healthy activity will be restored by the action of the healing and rejuvenative property of the ingredients in the Formula F-Plus.
Use Airola Formula F-Plus regularly and you will be amazed at the rejuvenative and healing effect it will have on deteriorated, diseased, blemished, dry, lifeless, wrinkled and prematurely aged complexions.

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