Recommendation: dress for your contemporaries and (why not?) be known for your excellent style in clothes. This does not mean being safely dressed like a city banker and wearing nothing but navy blue suits though there is a lot to be said for navy blue suits, nor do you have to be the first with each season’s new colours as they come out. See yourself as a Born Again Trendy. Like a born-again-Christian who rediscovers Christianity, rediscover stylish clothes. Take advice if you are unsure from people whose judgement you respect. Look for clothes that suit you and the way you live.

The easiest way to start the change is by looking for faults in the clothes you already have and start slowly to replace them. Ignore all your contemporaries who you know dress badly but compare yourself with your circle of friends. Are there many who dress better than you? How do they get it right? Is it their clothes that are better, or their physique?


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